Spear JIu JItsu was created in 2006 when BJJ Black Belts Noah Spear and Michel Porfirio Pieriera merged to teach the gentile art of jiu jitsu together in Philadelphia, PA. Two good friends that loved jiu jitsu but both coming from two separate worlds. Michel is from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, and Noah is from Philadelphia PA. The school they created instantly had a welcome feeling and quickly became a comfortable and effective learning space.  From that day on, the students of these two masters of jiu jitsu have thrived, becoming worldwide jiu jitsu champions, and elite jiu jitsu instructors and school owners in their own right.
Today Buiu runs multiple schools in Miami and around the United States, and is the head of the Ghost Squad Competition Team.  Noah runs two schools in the Philadelphia area.
Both have built high quality jiu jitsu schools with exceptional black belt instructors and students that compete under a united flag.
Join us, and see what it is like to be a champion, with a team of champions, that feels like family!

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